June 1, 2008

20080710_Chambers Hotel_ MCAD MFA Exhibit

“Battlefield� drawing by Debra Breurs, 2007

The deliberate, black & white charcoal and pastel lines on the 5’ x 7’ paper drew me in...I wanted to follow each line and reflect on the intricate beauty of each passionate stroke...depicting innocence on the edge of darkness...I could live with this work and appreciate it deeply each times it feels dark and foreboding at other times it feels hopeful...the work resonates with me a week later... I Googled the artist but unfortunately did not find a link? This suprised me; that an MFA Student would not have a link to view more work and receive commission inquiries...


A beautiful night in the city...a modern hotel with an open air courtyard, home to an enormous gorilla who shares his space with a lively mass of humanity who've ventured out to see and be seen...the gorillas presence is formidable and one cannot forget he is present; no matter how interesting the conversation...or visually stimulating the crowd may be...I think of Diane Fossey in the jungle...silently looking through the banyan a Gorilla grooms himself in the coolness of the shadows...the Chambers is far removed from Gorilla habitat...yet this beautiful sculpture reverberates with the essence of humid oversized vegetation and the screeching of exotic birds...I pause to escape...