June 1, 2008

20080718_Self Reflection

Self Reflection

The seed contains the tree. The boy contains the man.

Looking back through my life I arrive at the young boy who manifests the essence of who I am today.

In the childhood image I submitted to this weblog: at two years old I sit atop a toy tractor on the shore of Lake Minnetonka...dark curls crown my head. I look directly into the camera. No forced exuberance nor awkwardness at being photographed...I maintain a direct connection to the camera.

My life has been a path of deep thought and activity with surges of creative impulses providing new energy and direction.
Curiosity has been a defining attribute that has led me down interesting roads.

Today as a father to my young son; I reflect on my life and what qualities I would like to nurture in him...
- a developed heart and mind with a unified spiritual core...
-a reverence for life combined with the ability to be lighthearted, relaxed and confident in seeking adventure. Adventures in the exploration of self, new friendships & lifelong learning.

“What you put your attention to grows strongest in your life.?