June 1, 2008

20080624_Diane Willow

Diane Willow’s art inspires me.
Diane integrates: “nature - technology - community? in her art work.
Historically nature and technology were often viewed as two opposing forces; today with the accelerated advances in technology and the strain on nature it is critical for technology to support and embrace nature.
Diane Willow’s work uses technology as a vehicle to contemplate our natural surroundings and provides the viewer a connection to the calm, healing power of nature.
Diane’s art is constructed as interactive installations. Everyone’s experience of the art is unique because each installation is designed to respond to the distinctive interaction of the viewer.
Her scientific and playful installation using plankton as a light source was an important reminder of how little we know about the diversity within the natural world.
I am fascinated by her new work which constructs serene environments. Her piece with the stones illuminated from below reminds me of the lava fields of Hawaii - where life erupts from the ocean...
As technology continues to advance it is critical that we recognize and integrate nature into our evolution. Diane Willow’s work illustrates this thought process and directs our attention to the benefits of an integrated life in balance.