June 1, 2008

20080630_"Why You Belong"

20080630_Chambers Exhibit

Today I visited the Chambers Gallery to see the exhibit “Why You Belong�.
I was drawn to the idea of Beijing Film Academy and University of Minnesota students addressing the question “Why You Belong� - photographically.

Three pieces captured my imagination and left me wanting more:
Christopher Bakers piece “My Map� was a intricate mandala of influences in his life; surrounding an internal arc of fire.

“Loneliness floating in the memory� by Wang Yan Shu invites us into a dream... a saturated yarn unravels on the tarmac under an infinite sky. A lone figure grounds the piece, providing perspective and a point of reference within the surreal landscape.

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne’s photograph “when two were three� offers an intimate vision of childhood illuminated by the cool glow of technological tools. Young girls exhibiting both intense concentration and awe while working at keyboards...combining precise technical skills with youthful creative expression can manifest awe inspiring moments.

Throughout the exhibit I found the influence of Robert Frank, Cindy Sherman, Hannah Hoch, Ed Ruscha and Robert Longo. Technology is rapidly connecting the globe; the tools and techniques for photographers are becoming universal. A distinctive expression of self is challenging as process and technique are fed through computers and rendered in pixels. Artists with compelling concepts supported by innovative technique do offer a unique expression of “self in the 21st century� whether they reside in Beijing or Minneapolis.