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March 14, 2008

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful: Song Jing, 2009

Song Jing has a poet's eye for the startlingly abstract order human can impose on nature and a poet's understanding of the great disorder that is the human condition. Her overhead views of mystifyingly abstract, horizonless landscapes, which she took from the time he snapped his first pictures, a decade ago, place her in the company of photographers like Ansel Adams. I really admire this creativity & maturity, so enriching and it leads the subjects to living deeper and higher in some ways, to grow a personality, a world of their own. Photographer has an eye for beauty and so many beautiful inspirations. Her work is obviously one of a kind & it intrigues the watcher, it makes them want to enter these worlds or understand what it is that it makes them feel so bewitched or fascinated.