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Jennifer Phelps

Jennifer Phelps
Art Director
Chambers, the Luxury Art Hotel



Jennifer Phelps was very generous with her time as she gave us a tour of the Chambers Art Hotel from the lobby to the rock star suite. The impressive collection of Ralph Burnet includes work by: Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Damien Hirst, Evan Penny, Will Cotton, and the Minneapolis Art group 'Juxtaposition'. The hotels holds about 200 pieces of work throughout the private rooms and public spaces! There is also a gallery dedicated to hosting professional artist work (Chris Larson will have a show opening soon in this beautiful space!). Sarah Jessica Parker has stayed at the Chambers!

This was an awesome experience. There were so many amazing art pieces and Jennifer was such an awesome host, taking us on an excellent tour of so many amazing art works. I can't wait until Chris Larsen has his show there. I also loved visiting the master suite...it made me feel classy.

Going to Chambers and meeting Jennifer was an awesome experience. She knows a lot about the art on display and was able to answer all our questions. She even took us to see the rock star suite--wow!

It was really great to visit a place that has such a tangible connection to our class and our collaborators. For me, it gave me a strong sense of what we are working together toward. I'm really excited for when my collaborator, Wang Yanshu, will be having her solo show at Chambers. Jennifer Phelps gave us a great tour. Even after we were shown all of the art on view to the public, from the basement to the top floor, one of us asked if we could see one of the rooms. She took us back to the top floor to see the high-roller rooms including the rock star suite. She even had some gossip on the celebrities that have stayed there. Overall I think it was a great field trip for the whole class.

I was very glad to see during our tour of the Chambers Art Hotel that there is a new institution in town that has a serious collection of contemporary art and supports local artists. To see work by several Young British Artists group members in the same halls and rooms as Santiago Cucullo (MCAD grad) and (soon to be) Chris Larson was encouraging. Jennifer Phelps was generous with her time and passion for her job. It was a good re-enforcement of why Minneapolis is a good place to be exposed to the art world at large in the midwest.

I had never been to Chambers hotel or gallery before, and seeing it with Jennifer as our guide was definitely the way to experience it. Her knowledge about the pieces and stories associated with each made the visit much more fascinating. I'm certain I will be visiting Chambers again...

Wow, touring the Chambers Hotel was great. It's like Camp-Snoopy for adults with a discerning taste in modern art and fine cuisine. I propose that as an installation piece, I move into the Burnet Gallery on the first floor. The statement accompanying my residence would be something along the lines of, "This is a hotel where every room in an art gallery but the 'actual' Art Gallery on the first floor has someone living in it like it was a hotel... Hmmmmm, what does it all mean?"
Maybe it's a little to conceptual, I'll keep working on it.
That aside, the collection that we saw was amazing. Jennifer was a fount of knowledge and a really compelling speaker. I am jealous of her, her job and her database-like knowledge of contemporary art. If I had more networking skills and credentials I would tell to watch out, because there's a fresh new ambitious curator who just rolled into town from the 651 and has set his eye on the top AKA her job. Maybe I can get an internship.
Ha. Yeah right.
Maybe I could start out as a bus-boy and work my way up to janitor, windexing the framed prints in the restrooms.
Hey, a guy can dream.