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Tang Meng

meng 2photo.jpg

Professor Song Jing and Professor Tang Meng discussing the book "Life is Beautiful" which features Song Jing's photography from Tibet.

Tang Meng is an international artists who has studied at the Beijing Film Academy, NYU, and the University of Minnesota. Meng holds a faculty position at the Beijing Film Academy with a focus on cinematography and lighting. She has exhibited her art work internationally.


Tang is an amazing resource. She knows a lot about the contemporary art scene in Beijing and is able to speak candidly about Chinese current affairs. I felt that I was given an honest opinion on art in Beijing.

Tang Meng is eager for everyone to experience Chinese culture. She is always willing to answer questions, guide travelers within China, and discuss views. During her visit, she clarified some differences between the 798 area and the art scene. Tang also discussed the government and school systems. Before traveling, I will definitely meet with her one-to-one to get more advice!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Tang Meng's presentation to our class, but I am fortunate to know her as one of my fellow grad students. Thank you, Meng, for introducing me to the most authentic Chinese restaurant in the twin cities! Best food I've had since I was in Guangzhou!

Tang Meng gave us a very good insight into a freshly graduated Chinese student's perspective about having gone through school in China in the eighties when things were tightly controlled to the current situation in which there is much more allowed, but there is still a "strictness" that remains within schools.

Tang Meng gave an insightful presentation about China, and in particular she told us about the Beijing Film Academy's structure and teaching style. She graciously answered all our questions and was an excellent resource for our collabration efforts.