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October 29, 2008

All Y'all Are Married.

Congratulations are in order.
I don't know how long everyones been married for. I am just finding out right now because everyone is posting photographs of themselves with their spouses.
Here are some favorite places:
1. This is a polaroid of my friends James and Kristy at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The three of us were on this road-trip through the back roads between Kansas City and St. Louis and got to the lake just as the sun was setting. It was pretty epic.

2. This is my friend and brother Jon Tracy reading a story to the neighbor kids and their parents at the beach on Lake Harriet by my mom's house.

3. This is Chase standing in the Pacific. We did a 10 day road trip that went:
Start: Columbia, Missouri - Boulder, Colorado - Las Vegas, Nevada - Long Beach, CA - San Diego - up the PCH through Big Sur - San Francisco, CA - Columbia, MO: END.
This photograph is from day 6, in San Diego.

4. This photograph was taken at Pine-Tree Apple Orchard last fall on what has now been dubbed "The Best Day Ever" by those present.

Looking at these photos, I realize that all my favorite places are actually my favorite people and the memories of what we did in those places.
Q: Does this make me a sentimental romantic?
A: Yes, but y'all are married.

For more proof of my true cliche emotional center, check my normal blog at this address.

Post Script: Halloween Extravaganza at Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul: Friday October 31st, and Monday November 1st. The show starts at dusk with after-party at The Bedlam Theatre.

Favorite Places

My favorite places courtesy of Google Maps:

A view from my home in Eagan.

My favorite view on my daily commute over the Mississippi, which also happens to be among my favorite rivers.

And finally, one of my favorite fun place to go in the summer: Valley Fair!

Artist Statement

I enjoy realistic depictions in my art. I feel compelled by works of art that succeed in realistic depictions of living subjects. My intention in my work is to elicit an emotional experience in my audience which can be sometime based on humor, surprise, unease, or my favorite: a moment of intense cerebration. I have been gravitating towards animation throughout my career and lately have worked on 3D animation using Autodesk's Maya.

Artist statement

When I photograph, I am drawn to the subtle interactions people have with their surroundings. I concentrate on the details of the subjects' lives--what their homes look like, the textures and colors around them, the objects they surround themselves with. The subjects and scenes are familiar, but in photographs they begin to feel odd and foreign. The images are imbued with a narrative potential, revealing pieces of a story, but leaving the viewer with questions.

favorite places

The top two images are of the pasture adjacent to the farm in Nebraska where I grew up. This was my playground. The next is of home and hearth (literally) in Minneapolis. The last image is along the interstate in Wyoming. Wyoming isn't a favorite place per se, but the epic spaces of the American West are.





Profile picture

That's me on the left (with my husband Karl). We are wandering around in the jungle.

Profile Picture



Hiding out in the Aya Sofya, Istanbul

Favorite Places

Wang Yanshu


Jessica Teckemeyer & Derek Gunderson


This is my husband Derek and I at a Twins game...we won!


The first picture is of me dressed as my father at a costume party. The second is me and my wife Melissa the very first time I went to the ocean.



Zhan Xiao Dan at the Olympic Fencing Hall!

Zhan Xiao Dan.jpg

Wang Yanshu

Zhan Xiao Dan


tang xuan copy.jpg

Collaboration celebration!

Ross Yates

Profile Picture


Artist Statement

Artist Statement

MB Artist Statement

As a child, I grew up in the moving image, my interests, values, and morals oftentimes being influenced by the larger than life characters I saw in movies and TV. Now the moving image is the realm in which I work. I find that in this realm, I can be versatile; able to shoot movies ranging from documentaries, narratives, experimental, and so on; however, in whichever style I chose to shoot, I am most comfortable in the area of comedy. To make a movie that will elicit a laugh – an honest laugh – is to me, the most rewarding reaction to my work. This is the element I choose to explore through the moving image, asking, “In what new and different ways can I use the camera to capture humorous images; what techniques and methods can I apply in the editing room to bring structure and support to these images; and how can I make a movie that will be universally funny to different viewers?? These are just a few of the questions that I ask in making movies that are enjoyable and humorous to my audience.

Artist Statement

Clay invokes in me a powerful sense of permanence, staying power, and strength. Underlying every artistic endeavor, I find a need to make permanent that which is fleeting. The realization of how quickly certain people and significant moments have escaped me is the driving force behind my current body of work.


Favorite Place 4.jpg

Home is home.


Favorite Place 3.jpg

Places where I spend most of my time can become special. Intimate space in such a public place...

Zhang JiaQing


Favorite Place 2.jpg

While I have a home in Minneapolis, I miss my permanent home, the place I grew up, or rather, the place where a majority of my loved ones reside.

Rhett Roberts


Favorite Places


I love Chicago, IL. This is a view from the John Hancock Observatory. In March I saw the Gordan-Matta Clark exhibition.


Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

MN & WI Lakes.jpg

Time at the lakes is always spent in great company...laughs, stories, barbeque, beers....


Favorite Place 1.jpg

"Favorite place" exists more for me as a mindset than a physical location. I picked places where I was happiest.


WEN Min.jpg

October 28, 2008

Warsam Osman


Areca Treon Roe

Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Jessica Teckemeyer

Mike Ballard

cheryl wilgren clyne faculty


Chad Rutter

October 14, 2008

artist resume selected works and experience

cheryl wilgren clyne

October 9, 2008



October 8, 2008

Artist Statement

My name is Wang Yan Shu. Photography is the Beijing Film Academy
I like to use the plane to creation, especially in photos.
I work from my dream, the dream to express the feelings of non-state
reality. Life goes by the speed is very slow and quiet.

October 1, 2008

Selected Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions:

2009 (Forthcoming)
'Five by Five', Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
'Sculpture Now', HFA Gallery, Morris, MN.

'Mute' (Solo Exhibition), Dodeca Cultural Center, Montevideo, Uruguay.
'Objects of Desire', Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL.
'Source*', The Phipps Art Center, Hudson, WI.
'Fresh Works', Quarter Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
'Erotica', UpFront Gallery, Fargo, ND.
'Culturing Technology', Quarter Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
'13 x 24 x 18', Gallery 13, Minneapolis, MN.

'Contemplation and Collaboration', U of M Music Library, Minneapolis, MN.
'Balance' (Solo Exhibition), City Gallery, Chaska, MN.
'31st Annual Members' Juried Exhibition', Bloomington Art Center, MN.
'Sculpting Naturally', MN Landscape Arboretum, Chanhassen, MN.

'Interactive', Walsh Art Gallery, South Orange, NJ.
'Tangible Texture' (Solo Exhibition), Great River Gallery, Hastings, MN.

'BizArtica', Avalon Event Center, Fargo, ND.
'Heritage', Hjemkomst Center, Moorhead, MN.

'BFA Exhibition II', Rolland Dille Art Gallery, Moorhead, MN.
'Regional Juried Student Exhibition', Juror - Karen Worth, ND Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND.
'MSUM Juried Student Exhibition', Juror - T.L. Solien, Honorable Mention, Rolland Dille Art Center, Moorhead, MN.
'Untitled' (Solo Exhibition), 280ft3 Gallery, Moorhead, MN.

'Regional Juried Student Exhibition', Juror - Brian Scott, ND Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND.
'Regional Juried Student Exhibition', Juror - Lyndel King, Rolland Dille Art Art Center, Moorhead, MN.
'Freedom', Rourke Art Gallery, Moorhead, MN.

'Visual Literacy', All-state Juried Competition for MN College Students, COVA Satellite Gallery, St. Paul, MN.


Jessica Teckemeyer is a native of the small community of Frazee, MN. She is a sculptor who enjoys working with a variety of materials from fiberglass to fabric. Her favorite processes include mold making, casting, and sewing. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Minnesota. In the last year, her work has been included in the following exhibitions: ‘Mute’, Montevideo, Uruguay; ‘Objects of Desire’, Chicago, IL; ‘Source’, Hudson, WI; ‘Fresh Works’, Minneapolis, MN; ‘Culturing Technology’, Minneapolis, MN; and ’13 x 24 x 18’, Minneapolis, MN. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2004.