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thank you to everyone

thank you to everyone that has helped to make this course possible....

The Beijing Film Academy, Sonja Peterson, Professor Tang Meng, Professor Cheng Qiang, Professor Dawei Xui, Professor Su, Professor Song Jing, Professor Jenny, Professor Song Cong, Dr. Jennifer Wu Dunn, Colin McFadden, Laura Cervin, Gary Ludwitzke, Jason McGrath, Jenny Schmid, Dept. of Art, Bejing Exchange Program, Layla Nereson, Evonne Lindberg, Robin Schwartzman, Evelyn Davidheiser, Anne Jin Soo Preston, Consortium for the Studies of the Asias, China Center, Dr. Yongwei Zhang, Joan Brzezinski, OIP, Institute for Global Studies, CLA OIT, Jude Higdon, Jen Mein, Adam Mielke, Sarah Knoblauch, Diane Willow, Ali Momeni, Karen Haselman, Tom Rose, Clarence Morgan, Toby Sisson and if I have forgotten anyone at all please know that I really appreciate the vast amount of help and resources that I have received with this project. I hope I remembered most everyone.

And the students of course:
Mike Ballard, Cao Chang, Broc Blegen, Chen Pingping, Jessica Teckemeyer, Zhan Xiao Dan, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Tang Xuan, Warsam Osman, Zhang JiaQing, Rhett Roberts, Wang Yan Shu Areca Roe, WEN Min, Chad Rutter, Srijon Chowdhury, Tony Liu, Ross Yates, Shi Pengfei, David Brian Dobbs, Joanna Harmon, Jonathan Ludwig, Laura Dammer Hess, Lydia Schlicht, Mary Beth Huttlin, Meena Mangalvedhekar, Shonit Jain, Juana Berrio and many more students to be added along the way....

best wishes to all,