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Artist Statement - Srijon

Srijon’s artist statement.

My art is based in figurative drawing and painting. Anything from 30-year-old family photos to live models work as starting points for my work. I distort and make changes in color and form, I paint my friends as stand-ins for myself into the work, I paint my face on top of family members faces. I rebuild time in my paintings: everything mashes together from before I was born to the present to the unseen universe and universes that surround us.
I am not entirely convinced of what is real. I used to catch myself whispering under my breath, “Am I real? Am I alive right now?” In the past when I have realized I was dreaming mid-dream, I have tried to explain to the people I encounter that “this is just a dream,” they never believe me. They get angry. I feel a parallel in my dreams to my ‘real world.’ I believe that memories of our past are all framed in our own subjectivity; which distorts the accuracy of our memories, and in a similar way distorts the accuracy of how we perceive our world. Our subjectivity distorts time and space.

heres the link to some of my work - http://www.sri-c.blogspot.com