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Life is Beautiful - Srijon

The “Life is Beautiful” show was nice to look at. Though the people were the things that drew you into the picture, the depth of field was so large that absolutely everything in the photo was in focus, so the people acted as a gateway to look at everything else going on in the photo. The infinite focus and the title brought on new meanings to the photos for me. The photos at first glance are about the people, but are really about everything: the land, the atmosphere, the people obviously, but really they are about life. And since the photos were beautifully shot, obviously life comes across as beautiful, which I think is a really nice point of view to have right now, especially while most everything else seems so pessimistic. I just read an essay today where the authors point of view was that there was no such thing as a happy story and in fact it is impossible to have a happy story; Life is Beautiful acts as a nice counterpoint in my opinion.