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Candy Stick Forest: Will Cotton, 2005

New York painter Will Cotton visits us through his delightful and luxurious painting ‘Candy Stick Forest’ at Chambers lobby. When the world around us treat sweetness as poison, Will finds it as the pure, the fragrant, the desirable and the dream of complete indulgence in a perfect world. Desire is an important part of the process, and artist focuses on the un-satisfiable. It's most important that desire is never totally fulfilled. The object of desire exists only as fantasy and is therefore maintained by its own impossibility. His process of constructing elaborate candy sets is the initial reference stage for the paintings. Visually they appear so stunning as if they will start melting soon to justify his sweet sculpture production. At the same time, artist is claiming his victory via the resurgence of realism in the contemporary art arena. Advertising is the new reality and advertising imagery is the new landscape. These images exist to create desire within us. So does the aesthetics of this painting.