April 14, 2009

Project Proposal

Before the exhibition I want to create an installation on the wall, that will include having playing cards glued to the wall. The image will be an orderly image of a spiral that moves from the center out, encompassing the entire wall space allotted. This piece is about the notion of chance being thrown into order. Some of the cards will just sit on the wall and others will look like they are embedded on the wall, and if I can work out something to make a few of the cards sit like they are flying into the wall. Sometimes the most random circumstances will form into something beautiful.

Here is a sketch of the image I want to create. It probably will change a bit when installed on the wall, but this is the basic idea.

D=rt# 21 389 minutes X 0.0625 inch:second = 121.5625 feet, or Mininova - 23