February 14, 2009

Artist Statement

My role in music, whether I am performing or teaching music, is to share
music with others. When performing, I must give the notes on the page life
in order to tell a story. Music is unique in that it can be used to connect
with people in a way that no other medium can and often it has a profound
effect on their lives. This opportunity to “speak” to the audience
through music is what drives my performances. In addition to sharing
emotions, moods and ideas in music, as a performer and composer I also find
myself sharing colors audibly in my audience.

As a composer, performer and music connoisseur, I sense very strong
connection between music and color. The sounds of different pitches and
styles of music
evoke a certain color in my mind. The rhythms, articulations, tempi,
register and timbre of the music influence the color that appears in my
mind and together these musical elements create a mood for the piece of
music, which then translates into color in my mind. This color is a visual
depiction of the mood of the piece and significantly influences how I
perceive and perform the music. As a composer, this color often exists in
my mind before I have actually written the music. I write to realize
musically this visual depiction of mood in my mind. This phenomenon has
inspired me to pursue
artistic collaborations with artists specializing in a variety of mediums.
Most recently I have worked artists to pair music with dance, photography
and visual art and I am now engaged in a project juxtaposing a live
performance of a clarinet composition I have written with an animation
created by artists at the Beijing Academy.