October 29, 2008

MB Artist Statement

As a child, I grew up in the moving image, my interests, values, and morals oftentimes being influenced by the larger than life characters I saw in movies and TV. Now the moving image is the realm in which I work. I find that in this realm, I can be versatile; able to shoot movies ranging from documentaries, narratives, experimental, and so on; however, in whichever style I chose to shoot, I am most comfortable in the area of comedy. To make a movie that will elicit a laugh – an honest laugh – is to me, the most rewarding reaction to my work. This is the element I choose to explore through the moving image, asking, “In what new and different ways can I use the camera to capture humorous images; what techniques and methods can I apply in the editing room to bring structure and support to these images; and how can I make a movie that will be universally funny to different viewers?? These are just a few of the questions that I ask in making movies that are enjoyable and humorous to my audience.