March 24, 2009

Lil Jon

December 16, 2008

Totally Sweet Boyfriend Yearbooook Survey.

This is a project that I am working on with a group of friends. The group is called Boyfriend and is loose collective of around 15 guys and one girl. To call Boyfriend a collective would even be pushing it. We are all friends and hang out and make music and draw stupid pictures and drink beer together. Everyone makes some form of artish product, be it music, photography, print media, dance, skateboards, etc. I have been documenting the activities of Boyfriend and recently started taking school-photograph style headshots of all the participants with the intent of assembling a 2008/09 Boyfriend Yearbook.
This project is and act of total frivolity and is motivated only by having a good time and goofing off with my friends. The idea for the finished product is a roughly 5''X7'' yearbook of around twenty pages. The yearbook will come in a ziplock bag and will also include a mixtape of the different musical projects of the musicians in Boyfriend as well as some zany interviews and audio excerpts of us hangin' out. People will be divided into "classes" based on the projects they are affiliated with. There will be individual headshots as well as more candid photographs and montages of different performances and events that members of Boyfriend have participated in. These events will be humorously mislabeled with different school activity names, ie: Girls Jr. Varsity Track Meet, Homecoming Dance 2008, Science Fair Winners!, ect.
Here are a few of the headshot dailies:

Picture 2.png
Mickey Alfano
Picture 3.png
Aaron Baum
Picture 4.png
Andy Fritz
Picture 5.png
Paul Kritspopovitch
Picture 6.png
Sam Emmerson-Kramer
Picture 7.png
Tim Hudson
Picture 8.png
Seth Rosetter
Picture 9.png
Adam Weveren
Picture 10.png
John Coe.

The idea of making "art" based on what you think will make your friends laugh until they wet themselves is interesting to me. I believe that humor, like music has the potential to bring people from different backgrounds together. It would be of interest to me to see a yearbook made by one of our friends in China that showcases the talents of their friends and the activities that they engage in together socially.

December 3, 2008


Here are some Photographs I made.
Bob Yates.
Bob Yates.jpg

Jack & Sally.


Bob Yates 2.
Bob Yates2.jpg

Jack & Sally 2.

Jenna Beilgard.
Jenna Beilgard.jpg

This is a style that I have been building for the past year or so. I'm looking for some direction to apply to this technique so if anyone has any suggestions, let's do this.