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8. Ragnhild Becker / Gunar Seitz (D)

Geschichte im Fluss
Fulda Beach, Rotenburg/ Fulda – Castle
Story in the River….
Discovering the history of the region and the Fulda- river, the artists had collected a story. 1248 little wooden floats were covered with this writing (puzzle-like) and a web-address. In a performance people gave the floats into the Fulda-river. To take part in this project, somebody has to find these wooden floats and give notice via internet.
On www.waldhessen-aktuell.de/kunst one can see a map which shows the possible completion of the story.
Gunar Seitz and Ragnhild Becker. (image Frank)
Gunar and Ragnhild. (image Angelica)
Data collected. (image Angelica)
(image clwc)
Into the river Fulda. (image clwc)