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Projekte = Artist Projects

Liebe Gäste, liebe Kunstinteressierte, liebe Vereinsmitglieder der ProRegion,
dem Verein ProRegion Mittleres Fuldatal und dem Umweltbildungszentrum Licherode ist es gelungen, ein ganz besonderes Ereignis in unsere Region zu holen. Über 25 anerkannte Naturkünstlerinnen und -künstler aus 13 Nationen wohnen vom 3. bis zum 12. August in Licherode und arbeiten an verschiedenen Standorten vor allem im Fuldatal.
The region Hessen in Germany is well known for the documenta12 in Kassel. Not far from there another art event takes place: The Nature Art Forum 2007.
Artist, curators Anke Mellin and Dorit Croissier bring 25 artists from 13 nations together to create an exhibition of Nature Art along a path in the valley of the river Fulda. The artist`s work react to sites near this already existing bicycle path where many visitors are passing throughout the summer.
Artist curators Dorit Croissier and Anke Mellin with artist Jean-Francois Paquay.
(image clwc)
Some of the artists. (image Gerhard Manns, Ludwigsau, Germany)

The topics of created works are widely ranged- from interviews about winter, and a film suggesting snow (Paul Adamaschek (D), Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, Christine Baeumler and Beth Grossmann, USA), and statements about the relation between the amount of grass needed to make cheese as final product (Yutaka Kobayashi, Japan), to- a place for experiencing the movement of the water while sitting on a swimming swing (Istvan Eröss, Hungary). All works focus on nature and sustainability. The organizer is the Educational Centre for Environmental Issues and Sustainability in Licherode which is also the enthusiastic energizer.