August 12, 2007

20. Michael von Brentano (D)

„Similar and similar are the same“
Forest at Ahlheim-Licherode

From far the two aunt hills seem to be similar to true ones in shape, size and surface. But careful observation shows that the angle of the heap is steeper. The imbedded pinecones and branches are unnaturally colourful and the materiality is strange.
These aunt heaps are not real but just the idea of it. They are questioning the nature, what do we see- do we see nature as it is or do we see our imagination of nature?
Final project materials: styrofoam, epoxy resin, acrylic plaster, spruce needles, wire, wood 100 x 70 cm
Michael von Brentano. (image Angelica)
Michael von Brentano with Anke Mellin. (image Frank)
(image Michael von Brentano)
(image Michael von Brentano)
(image Michael von Brentano)
(image Michael von Brentano)