August 13, 2007

14. Paul Adamaschek (Germany), Christine Baeumler, Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, Beth Grossman (USA)

A Winter's Tale - The Bureau of Atmospheric Anecdata: Germany Division
Still from film "another kind of winter" (image clwc)
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The Bureau of Atmospheric Anecdata collected audio observations of winter and climate changes in the villages of Licherode, and Rotenburg, in Alheim, Germany and the surrounding communities. A digital video of "snow" ("another kind of winter") was projected into the night onto a grove of trees. At the same time the audio performance ("A Winter's Tale") was presented with several of the most poetic, reflective stories captured. The art event proved to be an ephemeral, undocumentable work.

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Christine Baeumler and Paul Adamaschek. (image clwc)
Paul Adamaschek interviewing Sabine. (image clwc)
Bureau headquarters. (image clwc)
(image clwc)
Beth Grossman and Christine Baeumler (image clwc)