August 13, 2007

5. Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

Agro Art
+ By the River
UnserLand at Ahlheim-Licherode
Some big wooden bowls in the meadow catch the rainwater. The water mirrors the sky and is a contrast to the green of the grass.

By the River
Meadow near Ahlheim-Baumbach
An arch made by two large boats cover the bicycle path. One boats carries two large sitting figures, the other a big standing figure. From far the boat seems to swim, but if one comes nearer the boat is so high and lifted that it is possible to stand below. The work refers to the people in the region whose life is strongly connected to the river
Rumen Dimitrov. (image clwc)
Rumen at work with chain saw. (image Angelica)
(image clwc)
(image Frank)
Some of the artists. (image Frank)