October 9, 2007



The collaborations of Sonja Peterson and Cheryl Wilgren Clyne come out of their mutual desire to examine and expose aspects of environmental and social concerns through artistic practices.

For this project we join Yen-Ming Lee of PICKARD CHILTON for a collaboration.

Sonja Peterson

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne

Media Choices and Info

Kiln Formed Glass- recycled from jars and bottles
and tempered(safety rating)
1/8- 3/4 thick.
12 glass colors
grey, blues, bluegreen, cognac, bronze, peach, clears
We could have o ur image formed into the glass, this would create a sort of sculptural relief with the glass. It is not flat.


Kiln Formed Glass can be back-painted- although this is very opaque
There is a possibility of "frit casting" -
Which is a very loose painting of an image-
By using a different glass sprinkled through a stencil onto the top of existing sheet of glass.

Kiln Formed Glass with back painting- and light on the front - the light would reflect from the different planes.

* 1a,b and c- can be combined.

PVB Interlayer
2 pieces of clear glass with 1/8" each
With a polyvinyl buter interlayer and acetate sandwiched between,
Safety rating: class 2
Still to find out recycled details

We could print onto the PVB or onto acetate.
The acetate is better for backlighting as it is denser and allows for more contrast and saturation.
full color.

Tempered Glass with etching. Recycled glass
3/8" thick
The Etching allows for fine detail.

October 7, 2007

5 group of 5

ink1sm.jpg ink2sm.jpg ink3sm.jpg 4inksm.jpg ink5sm.jpg

detail of ink drawings

4 group of 5

1graybluesm.jpg grayblue2sm.jpg 3graybluesm.jpg 4graybluesm.jpg 5graybluesm.jpg

3 group of 5

1bwsm.jpg bw2sm.jpg 3bwsm.jpg 4bwsm.jpg 5bwsm.jpg

2 group of 5

1mutedsm.jpg 2mutedsm.jpg 3mutedsm.jpg 4mutedsm.jpg 5mutedsm.jpg

1 group of 5

1sm.jpg 2sm.jpg 3sm.jpg 4sm.jpg 5sm.jpg

The Garden Gates

glassSM1f.jpg 2fsm.jpg glassSM1f.jpg 2fsm.jpg glassSM1f.jpg

a detail

Just Trees

1d.jpg 2d.jpg 3d.jpg 4d.jpg 5d.jpg

Treetops with Birds Habitat

6asm.jpg 7asm.jpg 8asm.jpg 9asm.jpg 10asm.jpg

Dense Vegetation

1sm.jpg 2sm.jpg 3sm.jpg 4sm.jpg 5sm.jpg

October 6, 2007

PICKARD CHILTON /Yen-Ming Lee images

PICKARD CHILTON / Yen-Ming Lee - Houston Main Place LEED bldg

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October 5, 2007

Sonja's plexi experiments

these are some peices that I engraved and then cut on a cnc router, unfortunately the photo quality is quite poor.

Sonja Peterson Process and Statement


All imagery submitted here is from original paper cuts, which I created on the spot. I have taken photos of them and digitized them and then manipulated them with Photoshop.
The image with the birds is from large circular piece that I created with the trees roots interwoven and clasping each other to grow out and create a forested mandala. The idea of the mandala is a meditation for a renewed habitat for known of and future endangered species throughout the world, as these forests are threatened by man’s growth.

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October 4, 2007

cheryl wilgren clyne process and statement

The sets of drawings 1 through 5 come from a series of still images I have extracted from digital video footage created late in 2006. My intent for the original piece was to examine the way light, dark and reflection interact with different water environments. I experimented with many water and light sources, in hopes of finding a way to express the importance of water. This idea came from my concern for sustainable water usage and environmental awareness. I extracted many groups of still images from the footage. The series featured here expressed my conceptual motivations most closely. I found intricate patterns in the way light reflected and the shadows cast. The images were then changed slightly (by moving them by tiny increments) into over 1400 images used for a stop motion animation. The images themselves were part of "recycled" process creating new works distant from their original content. In this grouping, I have added a series of ink and paper images, intricate in detail. Up close each drawing has intense detail, but look somewhat similar to the original images from a distance. (group 5 of 5) The next step may be to return color to the ink drawn series.

Any of the images can be changed in hue or contrast according to the intent and site in which they will be displayed. At this time they have been printed on Moab and several rice papers.

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