October 9, 2007

Media Choices and Info

Kiln Formed Glass- recycled from jars and bottles
and tempered(safety rating)
1/8- 3/4 thick.
12 glass colors
grey, blues, bluegreen, cognac, bronze, peach, clears
We could have o ur image formed into the glass, this would create a sort of sculptural relief with the glass. It is not flat.


Kiln Formed Glass can be back-painted- although this is very opaque
There is a possibility of "frit casting" -
Which is a very loose painting of an image-
By using a different glass sprinkled through a stencil onto the top of existing sheet of glass.

Kiln Formed Glass with back painting- and light on the front - the light would reflect from the different planes.

* 1a,b and c- can be combined.

PVB Interlayer
2 pieces of clear glass with 1/8" each
With a polyvinyl buter interlayer and acetate sandwiched between,
Safety rating: class 2
Still to find out recycled details

We could print onto the PVB or onto acetate.
The acetate is better for backlighting as it is denser and allows for more contrast and saturation.
full color.

Tempered Glass with etching. Recycled glass
3/8" thick
The Etching allows for fine detail.

June 6, 2007

JIT Glass Company Visit

Cheryl and Sonja met with Ron of the JIT Classic GLass Company out in Green Isle Minnesota. We toured one of their facilities. Below are some photos.

Ron, Cheryl and Sonja discussed different glass techniques and thier safety ratings. We then brok down the possibility of using recycling materials and pricing estimates.

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