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responses to exhibit

Please post here any general comments you have about the exhibit
the space, equipment, sound (headphones or not) lighting or any
other general comments. As part of my research for this project it
is important to find out what kind presentation works best for the
viewer. What helps or hinders your interest / entrance into the video
and sound.


I enjoyed the wall of sound that hit you once you entered the gallery. It felt like
elementary school when the teacher leaves the room.

I visited the exhibit for the first time during the day. The sound surrounded me when I entered and I really enjoyed that at first I wasn't able to pin down the source. It felt like a group of people talking, maybe at an art opening. As I listened harder I noticed that the sounds were children and it felt like I was on a playground.

I liked the small televisions against the brick wall. They way they are set up you can't see the images until after you have experienced the sound.

The films that were projected on the wall were difficult to see during the day. I wished there were blinds over the window to block out the daylight.

I walked by the gallery at night and was shocked by the intensity of the same projections. They were really interesting to watch from outside with out the sound.

I walked back into the space and felt a different kind of experience with the room darkened and the sound hitting me first.


I thought about creating something to block the day light in the space. I think it would be great to have shades installed so
the artist can control the amount of light that enters the gallery.

One challenge that I had with this space was the need for locking down all of the equipment. Does the need for security distract from the art? How can I improve this for the next exhibit?

I've been pondering your show since it went up and suggesting that Spark people take a trip down there. In the meantime I've been attempting to gather my thoughts over the course of the last days.

So, I've visited the exhibit about 4 or 5 times now, during the day and the night. So far, two key experiences remained with me. The first was during the opening when your grand-daughter was there. It was a wonderful experience to hear her stationary recorded voice on video, and then her live mobile voice as she ran around the room. Perhaps there might be some way to capture that sense of movement and spatialization? Kids usually don't sit still and perhaps there might be a way to capture that liveliness of motion in the sonic space. Moving speakers? Multi-channel audio? 8-Channel Out audio units are B. There is no inherent problem with this setup -- it is immediately accessible -- but I felt that the setup might benefit from being more circular or windy in some way. With such a non-linear arrangement, it might become more of an invitation to come on a journey -- to invest oneself in traveling through the space.

It may sound funny, but in the Quarter Gallery, one really has to work to entice people to walk all the way to the end of the gallery. While it is clear that it isn't really all that long, it always "feels" like a long walk to me. I've experienced this with many shows in there -- the sort of "do I really want to walk all the way down there and back?" question. Since most people come and go from the Lobby side, there needs to be something at the other end or some way to break up the space into more manageable chunks.

I didn't have a problem with the security bits. I think I just look past those at this point.

So, I feel like the sound component is key. In some cases, I wondered whether it might be helpful to have less video -- or determine a way to foreground the sound more. Alternate speaker arrangements? While one would expect the art department to be a really receptive engaged audience, I've gotten the distinct impression that people in the art department are a really tough crowd. Perhaps a more passive way of isolating sound would be helpful? Instead of headphones, what about using a parabolic speaker setup or something?

Of course it's been on my mind for a while, but those quarter gallery windows are a perfect place for projecting bits of video at night. Other people seem to be interested in this idea here for instance to (oh yeah, I'm interest too :). The windows present some interesting shapes and it might be fun to do a combination of projections on the glass AND on the back wall. An interesting visual depth might emerge. With regard to Sound, I have had good success with a wireless speaker setup for moving sound into the outdoor environment as well.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments CB. I have run into several issues with equipment and what is available to me. Several pieces of my equipment are in the exhibit. But I think many of your suggestions are good and some are things I have thought of.

There is a huge difference between night and day when viewing the exhibit!

If it was quiet in the space during the day it is probably because I have been having some problems with people leaving the equipment on. For some reason the projectors and monitors have been turned off from time to time.

I am going to try to incorporate a way for the movement of Ella through the space to work, at least the sound of her.

Thanks, C

The sound was also what affected me most. While watching one video the sound from the others mixed, yet fit with my viewing experience in an odd way. It didn't exactly fit with the image, but it all made sense together... am I making sense?