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spider really big


still image from "spider really big"

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First, there is something very charismatic about the little girl in this film. She seems comfortable being in front of the camera.

I watched this piece several times learning on multiple levels just as the girl is learning on multiple levels as she sings and draws and expresses herself through language. This could be about how different people learn in different ways. It could be about the importance of art in learning.

The video is enticing and beautiful even if it is only meant as a document of the experiences of a child while learning.

This is a very nice picture...
Cheryl, you are doing great...
Keep up

The girl is precocious and is learning on multiple levels. Sizes, singing, colors, communication, hand eye coordination, memory, repetition. Many ways to read what is happening. Drawing what she is singing about learning representation. Learning to communicate what she sees, the imagery in the song.