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experimental video and sound art
quarter gallery, regis ctr for art,
dept of art, umn
feb. 14-28 2007

an artist statement

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Cheryl Wilgren Clyne currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. She is in her 3rd year of an MFA program in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. She is a graduate instructor for ARTS 1601 "Introduction to Time and Interactivity". She also holds the position of CLA-OIT Fellow for the television studios housed in CLA Video Services. She just completed a feature artist exhibition ("not the running tyep") at Rosalux in Minneapolis, MN where she is a member and director of the cooperative art gallery. http:www.rosaluxgallery.com

short aritist statement and selected works cv

still image from "where two between" 2007

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota and lived there until By my own count I have moved 39 times, primarily in the midwest and in the southeast United States.


still image from "where two between" 2007

I have been a curator for several events and spaces. I am now invested in finding or inventing new curatorial initiatives that provide opportunities for myself and a community of other emerging artists to exhibit their work.

Art of the environment and social engagement are also an instrumental part of my works.


still image from "where two between" 2007


The drawing you used for the spider wow announcement is unusual. I would like a copy of it.

I loved walking through your exhibit! I found it haunting and intriguing. You've captured something really weird, slightly disturbing but simultaneously beautiful. Well done on your artwork and the success accompanying it! I hope the best for its continuation!

The videos were uplifting. It seems like
art is seldom hopeful, and this was.

Since the children in the videos are probably the same girl at different ages the work seemed like an obsession with that girl or at least with children. There usually isn’t a focus on work that relates to or is about children in galleries and exhibits. The word obsession changed because the work started to feel more like adoration. Maybe this is an exhibit that focuses on adoration for humanity, starting with children. After reading the artist statement the learning was not only what the child was experiencing and this could be a reflection of what we learn or how we learn. Maybe what the viewer could learn from the child or from children. Optimism and adoration are two words that I came up with when I thought of this group of videos.

The first time I walked into the gallery it felt like I was intruding. The set up of monitors and having to walk through the projection to see what was on them added to this feeling. I visited several times and found this to turn into more of an investigation into listening and watching. I guess I mean that I felt like we were supposed to be paying attention to the child / voices and that maybe we were experiencing this from the point of view of the child. Maybe we are supposed to be paying more attention in a bigger way.