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Never Let Me Trivia - Week of October 25

What British crown dependency is the only remaining part of the Duchy of Normandy and continued to function under "feudal" laws until 2008?

The only completely correct answer to last week's question was once again provided by Ron Akehurst! Hashshashin leader Hassan-i Sabbah took over the fort of Alamut in 1090 after recruiting followers from the Shi'a of the region who were dissatisfied with Seljuk rule. After infiltrating Alamut with his own people, Hassan offered 3000 dinars to Mahdi, the Zaydi 'Alid lord who held the castle, and he had little choice but to accept. Another story holds that Hassan tricked Mahdi by offering the money for as much territory as could be covered by a bull's hide and then cut the hide into strips and spread them around the perimeter of the fort.

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