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Spring 2012 Event Calendar


Farber.jpgTuesday, February 7
Lianna Farber, English, University of Minnesota
"Seeing is Believing: Rational Responses to Evidence in Medieval England"

Friday, February 10
Adam Kosto, History, Columbia University
"Medieval Hostages, Contract Theory, and the History of International Law"
Cosponsored with the Legal History Workshop. Contact Meghan Schwartz at schwa859@umn.edu for a precirculated paper.
12:15-2:10 p.m., 55 Mondale Hall

France-Milan.jpgTuesday, February 14

John France, History, Swansea University
"Thirty Years of War: Warfare in the Plain of the Po 1189-1220"


03-06-Dubois.jpgTuesday, March 6
Tom DuBois, Scandinavian Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Örvar Odds Saga and Dilemmas of Context"

Tuesday, March 27
Rubin.jpgMiri Rubin, History, Queen Mary, University of London
"The Boy, the Uncle, the Jews and the Monk: Norwich 1144 and Its Afterlives"


04-03-Dale.jpgTuesday, April 3
Thomas Dale, Art History, University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Romanesque Sculpture, The Senses and Religious Experience"

Tuesday, April 24
Jimmy Schryver, Art History, University of Minnesota - Morris
"Medieval Kings and Symbolic Landscapes in Western Ireland"

Wednesday, April 25
Catharina Peersman, Linguistics, Katholieke Universitiet-Leuven
Constructing Identity: Language and identity in the 14th-Century Narration of the Franco-Flemish Conflict
12:00 p.m., 1210A Heller Hall


Tuesday, May 1
Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson, History, University of Minnesota - Duluth
"Hasaniya's Treatise: Shi'ism, Popular Narrative, and Public Performance in the Early Safavid Period"

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