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End of Semester Celebration and Final Colloquium, Tuesday, May 1

Hasaniya's Treatise: Shi'ism, Popular Narrative, and Public Performance in the Early Safavid Period - Rosemary Stanfield-Johnson, University of Minnesota, Duluth

05-01-StanfieldJohnson200.jpgRosemary Stanfield-Johnson is a professor of Religious History in the Department of History at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Professor Stanfield-Johnson's research focus is late medieval and early modern Iranian history, Shi'i political and popular culture, and popular sectarian literature. Her publications include "The Tabarra'iyan and the Early Safavids" (2004), "Sunni Survival in Safavid Iran: Anti-Sunni Activities during the Reign of Tahmasp I" (1994), "Yuzbashi-yi Kurd Bacheh and 'Abd al-Mu'min Khan the Uzbek: A Tale of Revenge in the Dastan of Husayn Kurd" (2007), and "The Hyderabad Connection in the Dastan of Hoseyn Kord" (2004). She is currently working on a book on the theology, the politics, and the practice of public ritual in 16th century Iran.
4:00 p.m., 1210 Heller Hall. Reception will follow

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