CNES Grads Shine at CAMWS

From our Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Nita Krevans:
Just back from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where our graduate students gave a range of wonderful papers. (I also heard presentations from several former Minnesota students, including Eric Fanning and Tom Kohn, and from Chris Nappa.) For those who were not at the meeting and could not make the practice session, I've appended a list of the student papers and links to the abstracts below. Congratulations to all the presenters; I hope you enjoyed giving your papers as much as I enjoyed hearing them in their official, public versions.

Cicero Reading Polybius: The Role of Polybius in the De Re Publica. Aaron L. Beek (University of Minnesota)

Death, Friendship, and the Republic: The Dour Settings of Cicero's De Amicitia. Andrew Willey (University of Minnesota)

Poetic Failure/Poetic Flight: The Myth of Daedalus in Horace's Odes. Cynthia A. Hornbeck (University of Minnesota)

Sex, Lies, and Visual Aids: Longus and the Art of Deception. Don M. Burrows (University of Minnesota)

The Cougar in Maiden's Clothing: Callirhoe as Phaedra. Anna E. Beek (University of Minnesota)

Reflections on an Encounter: Hermaphroditus and Salmacis in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book IV. Elizabeth A. Warner (University of Minnesota)

Purest Springs of Fire: Giants and Callimachean Poetics in Pythian 1 and 8. Christine E. Lechelt (University of Minnesota)

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