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After Alexander: the Time of the Diadochi (323-281 Bc) Cloth 2013
After thermopylae: the Oath of Plataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars. Cartledge, Paul Cloth 2013
Agon In Nietzsche. Tuncel, Yunus, 1962- Paper 2013
Alexander the Great: the Anabasis and the Indica; Trans. By Martin Hammond. Arrian Paper 2013
Ancient Christian Hymn with Musical Notation: Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1786: Text and Commentary. Cosgrove, Charles H Paper 2011
Ancient Greek Hero In 24 Hours. Nagy, Gregory Cloth 2013
Antiquity and the Meanings of Time: A Philosophy of Ancient and Modern Literature. Kennedy, Duncan F Paper 2013
Antiquity On Display: Regimes of the Authentic In Berlin's Pergamon Museum. Bilsel, Can Cloth 2012
At the Limits of Art: A Literary Study of Aelius Aristides' Hieroi Logoi. Downie, Janet Cloth 2013
Attalid Asia Minor: Money, International Relations, and the State Cloth 2013
Belonging and Isolation In the Hellenistic World Cloth 2013
Bucolica/Georgica Virgil Cloth 2013

Cabinet of Greek Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts From the Cradle of Western Civilization. Mckeown, J.C Cloth 2013
Creating A Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics In the Making of the Greek Koinon. Mackil, Emily Maureen Cloth 2013
Demography of Roman Italy: Population Dynamics In An Ancient Conquest Society, 201 Bce-14 Ce. Hin, Saskia, 1980- Cloth 2013
Depicting the Dead: Self-Representation and Commemoration On Roman Sarcophagi with Portraits. Birk, Stine Cloth 2013
Durable Goods: Pleasure, Wealth and Power In the Virtuous Life. Petruzella, Gerol Cloth 2013
Empire, Authority, and Autonomy In Achaemenid Anatolia. Dusinberre, Elspeth R.M Cloth 2013
Etruscan Art In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. De Puma, Richard Daniel, 1942- Cloth 2013
Exemplary Traits: Reading Characterization In Roman Poetry. Seo, Joanne Mira, 1973- Cloth 2013
Facing the Gods: Epiphany and Representation In Graeco-Roman Art, Literature and Religion. Platt, Verity Jane Cloth 2011
From Polypragmon To Curiosus: Ancient Concepts of Curious, Meddlesome Behaviour. Leigh, Matthew Cloth 2013
From Shame To Sin: the Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality In Late Antiquity. Harper, Kyle, 1979- Cloth 2013
Greek Comedy and the Discourse of Genres Cloth 2013
Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation. Blondell, Ruby, 1954- Cloth 2013
Hellenistic Settlements In the East From Armenia and Mesopotamia To Bactria and India. Cohen, Getzel M Cloth 2013
Hermeneutics of the Subject: Lectures At the College De France, 1981-1982 Foucault, Michel Cloth 2005
History of Political theory: An Introduction: V. I: Ancient and Medieval. Klosko, George Paper 2012
Limits of Ancient Biography Cloth 2006
Madly After the Muses: Bengali Poet Michael Madhusudan Datta and His Reception of the Graeco-Roman Classics. Riddiford, Alexander Cloth 2013
Maternal Megalomania: Julia Domna and the Imperial Politics ofMotherhood. Langford, Julie, 1967- Cloth 2013
Meaning of Meat and the Structure of the Odyssey. Bakker, Egbert J Cloth 2013
Menander In Antiquity: the Contexts of Reception. Nervegna, Sebastiana Cloth 2013
Mosaics ofRoman Crete: Art, Archaeology and Social Change. Sweetman, Rebecca J Cloth 2013
Orphic Hymns Paper 2013
Ovid and Hesiod: the Metamorphosis of the Catalogue of Women. Ziogas, Ioannis, 1977- Cloth 2013
Performance and Culture In Plato's Laws Cloth 2013
Plato On the Limits of Human Life. Brill, Sara Ebook 2013
Plato's Socrates As Narrator: A Philosophical Muse. Schultz, Anne-Marie, 1966- Ebook
Pliny's Defense of Empire. Laehn, Thomas Raymond Cloth 2013
Plutarch: Demosthenes and Cicero Plutarch Paper 2013
Praetorian Guard: A History of Rome's Elite Special Forces. Bingham, Sandra Cloth 2013
Religion and Identity In Porphyry of Tyre: the Limits of Hellenism In Late Antiquity. Johnson, Aaron P Ebook 2013
Rethinking Ostia: A Spatial Enquiry Into the Urban Society of Rome's Imperial Port-Town. Stoger, Hanna Paper 2012
Ritual Texts For the Afterlife: Orpheus and the Bacchic Gold Tablets. Graf, Fritz Paper 2013
Roman Disasters. Toner, J.P Cloth 2013
Roman Literary Culture: From Plautus To Macrobius. Fantham, Elaine Paper 2013
Roman West, Ad 200-500: An Archaeological Study. Esmonde Cleary, A.S. (A. Simon) Cloth 2013
Romano-British Peasant: Towards A Study of People, Landscapes, and Work During the Roman Occupation of Britain. Mccarthy, Michael R. (Michael Robin) Paper 2013
Rome's Italian Wars; Bks. 6-10; Trans. By J.C. Yardley. Livy Paper 2013
Slaves To Rome: Paradigms of Empire In Roman Culture. Lavan, Myles, 1977- Cloth 2013
Symposion In Ancient Greek Society and Thought. Hobden, Fiona Cloth 2013
Thalia Delighting In Song: Essays On Ancient Greek Poetry Robbins, Emmet Paper 2013
Trojan War: A Very Short Introduction. Cline, Eric H Paper 2013
Tyranny: A New Interpretation. Newell, Waller Randy Paper 2013
War of the Peloponnesians and the Athenians Thucydides Paper 2013
Web of Athenaeus Jacob, Christian, 1955- Paper 2013

TLG now via campus-wide access

You may now access Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) on campus computers and at home, if you are currently affiliated and logged in to the UMN site.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

TLG-for CNESBlog.jpg (400x600)

Title: Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)
Description: TLG contains most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. The goal is to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era. The web version currently provides access to 3,800 authors and 12,000 works, approximately 99 million words. It is updated quarterly with new authors and works. For the web version go to the main site and choose Canon or Abridged Online TLG. Site URL: http://stephanus.tlg.uci.edu/
Access URL: http://www.lib.umn.edu/get/12108

Here's the fine print:
Unlimited Annual subscription This is a change from the previous 3-workstation agreement (one in Wilson, two in CNES) This allows for use of the TLG from all campus IP ranges as well as remote access via VPN/proxy. It does not include access to alumni or groups other than current students, faculty or staff.

More about TLG
Thirty seven years after its establishment, the Thesaurus of the Greek Language is a reality. The TLGĀ® Digital Library contains virtually all Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8 c. B.C.) and the fall of Byzantium in A.D. 1453. The TLG corpus is available in more than 2,000 universities and research centers around the world and used by thousands of researchers, educators, and students from a wide range of disciplines such as classics, archaeology, history, art, history, philosophy, linguistics, and theology/religious studies.

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