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L'Annee Philologique now has FindIt

Now when you search L'annee Philologique, you'll see the University of Minnesota's M wordmark and FindIt on a maroon button in each record. Clicking this button will automatically search for electronic versions of the listed item in the University Libraries' holdings. Give it a try!
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In the above image the arrow on the upper right points to the FindIt button.
The lower arrow indicates the abbreviation for the journal name, the full title of which will be displayed if you mouse over the abbreviation.


Below shows an example of what FindIt offers as options - and saves you the steps of decoding the source title and searching in MNCAT or guessing at other possible locations such as JSTOR or Project MUSE. It searches all of our holdings in the order of accessibility.

Dead Sea Scrolls journal now in JSTOR

Dead Sea Discoveries (Arts & Sciences Complement)
added to the JSTOR Archive - notice sent September 29, 2008
Release Content:
Vols. 1 – 9; 1994 - 2002
Moving Wall: 5 years
Publisher: Brill
ISSN: 0929-0761

E-Journals for Classical Studies

You can now browse the U of Minnesota, Twin Cities electronic journal holdings by subject category.

E-journals for Classical Studies can be seen here. (Scroll down a few inches for the first title.)

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