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Group 1

As a group, we felt that the greatest take away from this week’s assignment was two fold. Firstly, we felt that the key to successful teamwork is to identify responsibilities within a group. We felt this was especially necessary for virtual teams where the case study we read highlighted the added need of VT to identify a manager or someone to make sure that schedules work out and everyone accomplishes the assigned tasks. Our group has not done this yet, but we feel that with time, this role as well as everyone else’s role will surface. We also felt that having a solid knowledge of the context of the task in the group is important, as well as setting and reaching systematic goals in order to achieve the final task. In general we felt that a team should use all members as resources. In this manner we can move onto our second take away and that was the realization of everyone’s cultural differences. We all come from varying background and sometimes that means that we think about situations differently based on our past experiences or our cultural beliefs. This fact was made evident in the scenario we discussed in our group involving the trading of cows for a wife. We all seemed to come to the same realization that an open mind is key to understanding and accepting what people believe, their ideas and their actions. There were a number of other things that we realized during this weeks exercise but in general these two points were the biggest take aways