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Group 2

Cultures differ. The majority of our group did not agree with the buying of a wife. However, everyone said they understood it and could respect it because it was another culture’s practice. In our culture it may seem disrespectful to pay in this manner, however is shows great respect in their culture. There seemed to be power differences in all of the cultures that we come from. We think that America has a great range of context and people but this can seem less when looking at some other cultures. Some third world cultures have great range between the classes from one extreme to the other. “I see our culture as a foreigner might see it..the "typical American" Fullof high context, high uncertainty avoidance, masculinity but there seems to stem quite a bit of indiviualism and shorter term orientation?


You might consider re-reading the difference between high and low context cultures. I don't think you understand the difference as described in the Lustig piece.