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Group 2

This week, we discussed different issues and problems that groups are faced with, and then we discussed how our group was going to deal with these issues. Our groups decided to use the online chat room to discuss these problems. It was pretty easy to develope a sence of common perpose for our group as we all want to get through this class with a good grade and also develope group communication and leadership skills. However, the group seems to have alot of communication problems along with time conflicts. However, there were two of us that worked on the issues, then emailed them between the group members. We all seemed to come to a consensous that Wednesday nights would be our main night of communication. As well as working through some of the other issues.
We really didn't get a chance to adress anything else though, because there were only two of us that discussed stuff online. I hope our group worked out all the issues and we can work together better in the future. It was just an issue of oneperson not being able to get online and the other one had to go into work.