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Group 4 Week 4

This week was a little different than last week as far as group work. Instead of working solely in the chat room, we discussed what was going to happen in the chat room and posted everything onto the discussion board so Brian could put everything together. It was an easy way for everyone to kind of go at their own pace. We decided that everyone should have their portion done by Wednesday at 9 so that Brian could put everything together. As far as the group assignment went, we each put down our ideas for guidelines and then they were all summarized by Brian. We decided that deadlines should be strict since there are not very many strenuous assignments for this class. We all pretty much agreed that we should leave things almost the way they are because everything seems to be working really well. We won't pick a leader because everyone seems to be fine with the way things are going. I think this week really helped our group progress. We had to compromise in order to come up with some guidlelines for the group. Also, we now have a set of guidelines that everyone can follow and strive to meet. As long as we follow the guidlelines we came up with for the group assignment, we should be a successful group.