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Week 3

As a group, we thought that there are many advantages and disadvantages to FtF and VT teams. FtF enables the group to respond immediately. There is also an advantage of using different tones and voices to express their thoughts to avoid any misunderstanding on feedbacks. A disadvantage would be that the team must all be in one location, but VT members could be scattered all over the world and working in different time zones. VT allows members to work at their own pace which can be good or bad. Whether it is FtF or a VT, a team must have synergy to be successful. They must work together towards the same goal. It is also important to understand others and knowing that there could be a possibility of a cultural differences within a group. Having a different cultural point of view can be very useful. This week, our group talked about the six taxonomies in the class lecture and we related them to the U.S. We agreed on many of them and had our own point of view on some.