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Group 3, Week 11

This week we have learned about the essentials of a good leader. They need
to have charisma and a genuine understanding with the followers. There are
four essentials that were stated in the all class discussion. We ourselves
are a very democratic system. I think we vote for what we want to do the the
leadership roles we pursue. The idea is equality. We understand that
cooperation is pertinent. We probably are more like a transactional
leadership team, because we expect perfection out of each other so there is
no way to be better than that. In our meeting this week, we are refining
some more of the goals that we need to set to finish the project. We will
talk more once we get more details.

Chapter 11 had its main focus on teams and designated leaders. It brought up different leadership approaches that were classic styles, transactional, transformational,
life-cycle, and situational-contingency leadership. The classic styles were
laissez-faire, authoritarian, and democratic. In addition to that, we were
asked to think about what it means to lead. It was very different when we
were told to be leaders as kids compared to being a leader now as an adult.
We understand now that being a leader is more than telling people what to
do, it is very complex and can have many different meanings. We know that
leadership involves influencing others. We also were introduced to
Hagberg's Model of Personal Power which involves 6 stages. The stages are 1
Powerlessness, 2 Power by Association, 3 Power by Achievement, 4 Power by
Reflection, 5 Power by Purpose, 6 Power by Wisdom. The other reading we did
this week was the E-Reserve. This weeks E-Reserve talked about leadership
and how it is described as a management of meaning.

Also what we gathered from the FTF meeting we had last week was that it is hard for everyone to make it to a certain spot for a meeting. We had one of our group members unable to attend due to other priorities. We believe that the VT may be harder to put in priority because you don’t physically meet but overall it is easier to find time because you are not obligated to meet anywhere specific you just have to be home at a specific time. We did get a lot accomplished nonetheless at the FTF meeting.