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Week 12, Group 5

This week we did a lot of decision making about our semester project. After looking at the leadership notes we were able to use some of that information while we were making the choices we did, even if we didn't realize we were using those leadership qualities. Everyone was able to step up and give their input and I think that it really showed how we all trust one another to be able to complete parts of the project when they are supposed to be. Also, we also learned the importance of how leaders are in virtual teams. They have to know their boundaries, and be able to help the group members along the way. One good thing that our group followed was that we were constantly reinforcing our plans along the way during our discussion which was a good sign of using virtual leadership. That way we all felt apart of everything and nobody was left out. Having people feel left out would make the group morale fall because some people might not feel like they are needed, making sure that didn’t happen was something that was very important to us. We learned this week that it’s not only important to set up the trust when you are leading, but to also keep the trust. I think that our group has been doing a great job with this and we’ve been doing it all long even before we knew it was something important to keep an eye on. Everyone is sharing the leadership role in our group so I think that as we talked about some of the strategies it was easier for everyone to understand them because we all sort of felt like they were a part of something they have already been doing.
To go along with what we did this week, we created a timeline of what needs to be done and when. We have everyone’s role all set out and everyone is aware of what is expected of them and when it needs to be completed. Being thorough on our discussion really helped everyone understand what was going on and apart of the group. We all have important parts to complete and everyone is being trusted to do the best of their ability. We have some leaders who have stepped up to help others too incase they need some extra help along the way. Cooperation is a big part of how we use leadership on this team as well.


Thoughtful analysis tieing the two themes of the week together (leadership and project planning.)