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week 13 group 3

After doing the readings, we had our vt meeting and discussed conflict among groups. We talked about different issues that we have had, personally regarding conflict. A lot of it surrounds time issues because we are all really busy. Personal conflict however has not been a problem, everyone seems to get along. Honesty was a really important part of our team’s strategy to avoid conflict. This is because the truth may hurt but that is how we get better. If someone has a difference in opinion then the others listen. Integrity also is an important part. This is because if you can’t trust your team members to be upstanding and credible; then problems can arise.
We have a majority of extroverts on our team. We have two members that have sensing types and two that have intuition. The majority of our team also is very perceiving. This make us get along better because we all know the work will get done. We are able to be organized but at the same time take our time. This way the final projects are better. We have an even number of thinkers and feelers, which is a good thing because people can relate to at least one member of the group on different issues. It creates balance. Balance is the key to getting team processes done. Since we have such a variety of members of different function pairs it allows members to do the things they like. I feel though that since everyone was extroverts (Peter was at 10 to 11) the group interacted very well.
I do not feel like any member was left out. I think that every team member was given a chance to offer their input. Peter is a little bit older than us, but I think people reacted to this in a positive way. That also may be why he chose to be an introvert. But he has offered a lot of wisdom so I do know when he says something, the group knows to listen.