January 26, 2007

Week 2, Group 1

Our group has some great experience with working in groups or teams. Our team is somewhat diverse and voiced which is a very beneficial aspect of a team. Also while working in class face-to-face noone was acting as a pushover. Everyone voiced their opinions and folowed thier ideas with reasoning, making ideds easier to understand and comprehend. We have a wide variety of technical and economic majors on our team. Along with our majors everyone has really stressed the importance of group communication and success. Ethical issues are capable of disrupting and team, but what is most important is the goal the team is trying to accomplish. As long as everyone in the group or on the team understands thier role, and focuses on the goal at hand, the goal can be reached. The only factor that is still up in the air is the idea of having leader. No one in our group has stood out and addressed themselves as the front-runner. Even though leading by committee is often times favorable, a leader may be required to keep the group and ideas grounded. In small groups a leader should not be a fascist boss, but rather a planner and motivater.

January 25, 2007

Group 5, week 2

Week 2, Group 5- Journal Blog

This week, we were to discuss ourselves and try to get to know everyone better. As a group we worked in the WebCT site as well as Yahoo! Messenger to discuss things as a group. It was important to go through the getting to know each other exercise because the questions we were to answer were valuable to making our team stronger. It’s important to get to know a little bit about where everyone is from and what kind of things they have going on in there life. That allows us to make connections and relations to one another. Sharing our experiences also lets us see what everyone likes to do and who is stronger in some areas than others. Expectations is be different for everyone, but it was good to see what everyone’s expectations were because that way we can all work together to make sure that we are all doing what is asked of us from our fellow team members. Finally, leadership is important when it comes to working as a team. Since we are a team, someone will naturally emerge as a leader. This is a tendency that usually happens, but it’s important to also share the leadership among the team. Some people have strengths that others don’t possess so making sure we understand everyone’s leadership abilities will be a good way to make our team work together as efficiently as possible.