February 19, 2007

Group 5

This week our team discussed options for our final project. We
brainstormed on what the fictitious company would be and what problem they
would have that needs to be solved by our consulting team. We quickly realized
that we must stick with a subject we know. We narrowed it down to two types of
products the company would offer. These products could be computers or food.
After some discussion, we thought the food industry would be a good company. Then,
we discussed where the company would be located. We decided that the company
would have to be international to maintain diversity. With the food industry as
an option, we decided that Europe would be a good country to consider. We closed with agreeing that we should discuss this further via email throughout the week.

February 10, 2007

Group 1- Week 4

It is key to a successful group identify responsibilities because everyone needs a role. Our group has just done this and we finally have a leader within our group. Knowing the context of your task to the group is important. Setting and reaching systematic goals with all members of the group help determine the final result. A team should use all members as resources. The way our group is building a sense of community is by meeting frequently. Also, everyone in our group has a specific responsibility and performs their own tasks each week. This helps everyone in the group know he/she has a purpose on the VT. Finding a time to meet is one obstacle that a VT has to overcome. Since we have six members in our group, it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate time to meet. We decided to meet at least once a week on the WebCT whiteboard. While we are all together, we can discuss the week’s assignments along with any problems we might be having.

February 9, 2007

Group 2

This week, we discussed different issues and problems that groups are faced with, and then we discussed how our group was going to deal with these issues. Our groups decided to use the online chat room to discuss these problems. It was pretty easy to develope a sence of common perpose for our group as we all want to get through this class with a good grade and also develope group communication and leadership skills. However, the group seems to have alot of communication problems along with time conflicts. However, there were two of us that worked on the issues, then emailed them between the group members. We all seemed to come to a consensous that Wednesday nights would be our main night of communication. As well as working through some of the other issues.
We really didn't get a chance to adress anything else though, because there were only two of us that discussed stuff online. I hope our group worked out all the issues and we can work together better in the future. It was just an issue of oneperson not being able to get online and the other one had to go into work.

Week 4. Group 5

This week was a great time to bring together the habits and traditions our team had already developed into a single plan. By going through questions of this week's learning module we have been able to establish rules and regulations the whole team must obey.

It was very important to create the points which would fit everybody's expectations, priorities and personal values. Thus, the key points of our plan are:

•punctuality regarding weekly meetings and deadlines;
•active participation in discussion;
•do your best towards achieving the common goal.

These key points of our team's strategy are supposed to lead us through the process of completing the project for this class. Besides completing the project successfully we realized that there are many other goals we all share: get experiences of a VT working process, good grades in class, learning to share leadership and find the best path to accomplish the best final result possible. We realize that creating a community within our team is important in order to be able to trust each other and express openly our opinions. So, we decided to have 10-15 minutes of informal discussion at the beginning of every online meeting.

In order to not leave any gaps in achieving our goals by letting someone else do the work for you, we've decided that "cruel punishment" will be applied for disobeying the rules and policies everybody agreed upon.

This week we created a good base for our future common project realization.