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Sport Media Study

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Are you interested in talking about sports?

I am a doctoral candidate in Kinesiology. My dissertation aims to find out how people perceive sport media images through focus group interviews. I am looking for African American and White participants who are interested in sports, between the ages of 18-55.

If you would like to learn more about the study please email me at:

Emily Houghton

Quick Info
Free Food and beverages
Focus group format
4-6 Participants per group
1-1.5 hours long
Convenient Location
Eligibility Criteria
Age - 18-55 years old
Consumer - Participate in, read about or watch sports
Race - African American and/or White

Voter ID Debate TONIGHT (12/15) 7pm

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The Minnesota Student Association, MInnesota Student Legislative Coalition and University Debate Team are hosting a Voter ID Debate this evening at 7pm in Willey 125. There will be free pizza and drinks.

The debate will focus on whether or not the State of Minnesota should implement a Voter ID Law. Doug Chapin, the Director of the Humphrey School's Program for Excellence in Election Administration, will moderate the event.

Representative Phyllis Kahn (DFL) and Senator John Marty (DFL) will debate Representative Mary Kiffmeyer (R) and Senator Warren Limmer (R). There will be ample time for audience questions. The event is free and open to the public.

If you have time in between finals, it would be great if you could join us! A Voter ID Law could prevent students from voting on campus. It is important that we stay informed.

Thank you,

Taylor Williams

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