Contribute to Mental Health Day 2012

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Message below on behalf of the organizers of Mental Health Day 2012.

Make a difference - SHARE YOUR STORY

Have you, or someone close, had an experience involving mental health? Please share your story with us in whatever way you feel comfortable: written word, video, or poster - paper or web.

We are a coalition of student groups planning Mental Health Awareness Day 2012 on the U of M campus. We're asking U of M students, their friends, and families to help make this day as powerful as possible by sharing your experiences with us, so that we can share them on MHAD and afterwards.

These stories, *which can be completely anonymous*, may describe your own experience with mental health, illness, or suicide, or how a loved one's experience affected you, positively and negatively.

For more information (and to volunteer on April 25th), please find us on our Facebook page ( and submit a story today!

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