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"George Bush is to Christianity as Osama bin Laden is to Islam" This I Believe...

“George Bush is to Christianity as Osama bin Laden is to Islam.” Does that statement grab a person’s attention? It got mine while searching through the “This I believe” entries as I was trying to find something to spark debate and foster learning from one another. Author, Theresa, believes that God is not prejudice which is the opening statement of her entry. She compares the human cosmology of the world to a quilt, in that God doesn’t care about which part of the quilt we all come from, instead, we contribute to the quilt rather than turn our backs to it (one another).

This essay; undoubtedly has the potential to become controversial. Considering the lengths right-wing Christians have gone to, to get their message out more purposely, especially during the current Bush Administration, it seems. This entry is an example of current mainstream rhetoric or literature in public life. The Bush Administration (not to exclude like-minded politicians) and their tactics of using Christianity to justify the rational of their decisions are rancid in all forms of media today. These decisions that are made on behalf of the people are smeared with conflict of interest at the expense of the American people. The author uses the analogy that the “celestial cloth” (quilt) of America is now “nothing more than an oiled rag.” Those who benefit, are George Bush “and his favorite 10 cronies” who have deemed themselves entitled to “90% of the world’s wealth.”

The author states that the ultra-right Republican Christians are as equally extreme in corruption of the teaching of Christ as Osama Bin Laden is to the teachings of Islam. Documentaries such as “Jesus Camp” further support this opinion. Jesus Camp Trailer - YouTube

I dare to go on to say that with leadership such as the current Bush Administration only adds fuel to the fire of Christian bigotry and hate towards fellow Americans and throughout the world. In the reading, there is acknowledgement in that Americas have basic ethic. If only that ethic could be propelled by someone of stature, such as the “Leader of the Free World.”


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