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This I believe: Untold Stories of Kindness

Eric Moritz
Analysis of “Untold Stories of Kindness” by Ernesto Haibi

This story told by Haibi, a 15 year veteran military medic (served in air force also), is eye opening. He just got back from Iraq and he explains his realization of his beliefs. He realized that he believes in people, man, and humankind. He believes in the bravery, courage, and honor that these people show every day. He explains that he doesn’t believe in gods or spirits. He saw greatness from both sides of the fight. He saw innocent civilians get bombed and come out to help with the injured and dead. He was amazed by the influence of a smile between two people who did not know each other. He was in charge of helping injured people and inspecting clinics. He was moved by all the kindness by strangers and the warm-heartedness of mankind.

This man isn’t a great storyteller, speaker, or narrator. He is a man who experienced many things in his life that many do not get to experience. Haibi wants to share his thoughts and feelings with those who cannot grasp what war actually brings out of people. He wants people to see that for how much effort and time put into this war, we could be putting that much into overcoming adversity and destruction. He is one of many who have seen innocent civilians die, and their friends and families help and care for the wounded after. I know it would change my life to see something like this and I’m sure it would change many others as well.

I chose this essay because it’s an essay of hope, love, reality, and bravery. These aspects and qualities are important to living at happy and fulfilling life. I think Haibi’s wisdom greatly surpasses his age and we should learn from him as well as all people who have unique experiences that we will never live to fully appreciate. He doesn’t write with a higher meaning. He doesn’t write with hidden thoughts. He writes from the heart and wants us to take as much as we can from his experience.


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