September 8, 2007

Rose's Top Ten Films Plus NARAL Job Oppurtunity Info

I am also one of those individuals who has a difficult time sticking to just 10, However, I highly recommend these films.
1. The Jerk: A hilarious Steve Martin comedy from the 1980's.
2. The Princess Bride: "Marriage is what brings us together today, and love, true love."
3. Freeway: A cult classic with Keefer Southerland and a very young Reese Witherspoon.
4. American History X: A powerful film.
5. I Heart Huckabees: "You rock, rock."
6. Monster: An incredibly well done, true story about a female prostitute serial killer and her lesbian relationship.
7. The Shining: Arguably the best horror film ever made. Jack Nicholson is very frightening in this.
8. Little Miss Sunshine: A fantastic Indy film about a dysfunctional but loving family.
9. Crash: An unforgettable film that will make you think deeply about the issue of racism in our country.
10. Freedom Writers: The previews made this movie look like a typical Hollywood movie and a knock of of Dangerous Minds, but it is not! This movie is a true story about high school kids in LA around the time of the LA riots in the 90's. Hilary Swank plays the teacher that finds a way to get the severely disadvantage kids to learn. She is however the only recognizable actor in the film because the teens are played by actual students at the school with very similar lives to those of the original story. They are incredible actors, and the director worked with the original teacher. Trust me, it's incredible!

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is looking for skilled communicators to organize the public around choice issues. We are an incredible group of talented, fun, passionate, dedicated and laid-back people. There are a number of college students I'd say about half the staff goes to the U. You can work full or part time. Get paid $10 an hour with the opportunity to earn bonus in a laid back while doing something you believe in, in a laid back atmosphere while hanging out with great people and getting exercise. Can you tell that I love my job?

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