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Blog on Leads

The article I’ve chosen to analyze leads is from the Sunday issue of the Star Tribune. It was written by Kara McGuire and is headlined, “Housing slump has builders primed to make a deal.?

The lead itself reads: ?As the housing slump worsens, home builders are resorting to tactics typically reserved for Labor Day furniture sales and year-end auto blitzes.? The article goes on to describe the problems that builders have in the current housing market and the methods they are using to try to overcome it.

The lead itself is interesting; It uses ideas that are appealing and that create enough interest to make the reader want to know more. It’s also fun and not purely factual.

This lead brings up all the relevant information in the first sentence, which is: there is a housing slump putting home builders in a weird place, they use special tactics to overcome this.

I think the reader chose this lead because the subject itself is relatively boring, there was no numbers quotes or statistics that needed to be included in the lead. It organizes what could have been a relatively dry article into one that is halfway engaging.