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Bush's Beacon of Hope Snuffed Out

Right now it's big news in Europe, if not here, that Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the sheik who helped bring about the "Anbar Awakening," as some have named it (the alliance of Sunni tribal elites with the United States in the Anbar province in the Western part of Iraq that has been pretty much the only success of the Iraq War) was assassinated after meeting with Bush.

I chose two sources to look at. The first is the BBC and the second is the Guardian. Obviously these two sources have completely different ideological slants they like to look through.

First off, the titles stand out. The BBC says, "Iraqi Insurgents Kill Key U.S. Ally." While the Guardian says, "Bush's 'Beacon of Hope' Killed." These headlines certainly define what the pieces are about.

The Guardian starts by talking about how Risha was lauded by politicians and diplomats. They go on to describe his relationship with Bush and his role in Middle Eastern media, which was relatively recent, as a spokesperson against extremism. They finish by listing other Sunni leaders who have been killed for cooperating with Washington.

The BBC, however, mostly focuses on the political implications, i.e., whether the Anbar movement will die, what Bush will say during his address tonight, and whether other tribal leaders will dare to take up his position. They end by quoting an interview he did where he said: "I wish we could do in all the provinces of Iraq what we did in Anbar, which is that the people and the government come together."

All in all, it seems that BBC is focusing very much on what Risha represented FOR the war effort while the Guardian focused on how this will pan out and what the implications will be AGAINST the war effort.