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Critical Mass Redux- structure

God damn it. This stupid blog just erased my posting. This means that I am only going to cover the Star and Tribune article this time. It has better pictures anyway.

This blog I want to look at where the writers puts the information, order of importance.

The story was written by Randy Furst, who, I know for a fact, does not drink caffeinated coffee.

Lead- Hard news with a general overview of the ride followed by a recap of last months arrests.

-starts with a police quote that shows us the ride went smoothly
- Explains one reason why (cam gordon)
- Uses a quote to show the size of the ride rather than just bare numbers
- Talks about the police presence
- Route of ride
- Commuter reactions and interactions
- Small conflict reported
- Short history of CC
- REcap of last months ride

Obviously the news story here is the lack of conflict, if there hadn't been arrests at last months Mass than this wouldn't have been news. Randy goes first into the lack of conflict, then to WHY there's a lack of conflict. He then covers potential reasons for conflict. All in all it's an awesome organization for the piece that makes perfect sense and doesn't sensationalize (it could have focused on the small confrontation between a biker and motorist that was reported to police). He also could have used the tension that still existed represented that their was still such a big police escort, to use that as the theme of the story. That, however, would have been a little sensational.